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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our goal with all of our products to help you easily create a memorable and unique keepsake. For specific FAQ's you can review the individual kit instructions located in the products section.
DaVinci Tiana Heart

What kind of image can I use?

Any image that can be scanned to a computer and printed on a laser printer or copied with a laser photocopier can be used.

Can I use regular paper rather than the Tilano paper?
Tilano Imaging Paper is specially designed to transfer toner-based laser prints onto surfaces.  Although regular paper can work sometimes, it’s inconsistent and requires a lot of rubbing to separate the image from the paper.

I have an inkjet printer.  Can I use that to print on the Tilano Paper?
No.  Inkjet prints will not work for transferring.  The ink will run when it gets wet.  You can, however, use your inkjet printer to print your artwork/picture on regular paper and take that to a copy center to have your image printed to Tilano Paper.

I am not an artist – is it difficult to make the tile?

The Tilano transfer process is designed for all skill levels.  Even if you have no art or craft experience, you can still make a Tilano transfer.  To see just how easy it is, take a look at our online videos.

After transferring, my image looks rippled.  What did I do wrong?

The image ripples when it gets rubbed down too much during the transfer process.  Make sure that you gently work the image from the center out and that the paper doesn’t move while you are rubbing it down.

What can I do if I run out of Tilano Paper and still have extra medium?

If you have completed your kit and see that you have extra products left please feel free to use your creativity.  The Tilano transfer process works on any paintable surface.  Additional products can be purchased on our website in the “Additional Supplies” section of the Products page.

My Coaster Kit only has 3 sheets of paper, but I have four images and four coasters to work with.  Why don’t I have enough paper?
Each sheet of imaging paper can hold up to four images.  You actually only need one or two sheets, so there should be one extra sheet when you are done.  You may want to test out the sizing and spacing of your images on a regular sheet of paper before using the Tilano Imaging Paper.
Fresco Kit

Memory Blocks

Tilano Memory Blocks Kit
Transfer any images you want onto a set of square wooden blocks. Make a matching set of four, or make four unique coasters using whatever images and designs you can imagine.
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Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas

Tilano Products are the perfect personalized gift for Christmas.  Do It Yourself Kits allow you to make your own wedding favors, or make a gift for Mother's Day.  Easily transfer pictures to coasters.  Artwork can now be made by creating your own photo tiles.
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Transfer Paper

Transfer Paper

Buy in bulk and save Do you want to transfer an image or your art work onto something? Do you have extra medium from a previous Tilano project? Tilano Imaging Paper is available for online ordering.
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